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Reimagining Law and Justice

Today, societies face urgent questions about the meaning of justice, whether that takes the form of racial, sexual, economic, environmental, reparative, intergenerational, interspecies or social justice. The Reimagining Law and Justice series, published in association with The Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, is an exciting interdisciplinary and open access intervention in these key issues, challenges and debates in legal studies. The books in the series focus squarely on reimagining that age-old search for an understanding of the relationship between law and justice through interrogating the crucial challenges of our times.

The series is methodologically diverse, and is open to all forms of sociolegal, interdisciplinary and doctrinal analysis; its central thread is an awareness of the urgency of questions of justice, inclusion and equality, a commitment which is in turn supported by its open access dissemination.

Cover Image Law, Humanities and the COVID Crisis
Carl F. Stychin (ed)
January 26, 2023

While there has been an abundance of scientific works on the COVID-19 crisis, there has been relatively little research to date from the humanities. This striking new book seeks to address the immediacy of COVID-19 by focusing on the implications of the virus in a wider interdisciplinary context – through the lens of the law, history, ethics, technology, economics and gender studies.

From Europe to South America, Asia and beyond, Law, Humanities and the COVID Crisis sets out a framework for understanding the COVID-19 virus beyond its epidemiological constraints, asking...