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'She said she was in the family way' examines the subject of pregnancy and infancy in Ireland from the seventeenth to the twentieth century. It draws on exciting and innovative research by early-career and established academics, and consider topics that have been largely ignored by historians in Ireland. The book will make an important contribution to Irish women’s history, family history, childhood history, social history, crime history and medical history, and will provide a reference point for academics interested in themes of sexuality, childbirth, infanthood and parenthood.


  • Introduction
    Elaine Farrell
  • 1. ‘Veiled obscenity’: contraception and the Dublin Medical Press, 1850–1900
    Ann Daly
  • 2. ‘Its effect on public morality is vicious in the extreme’: defining birth control as obscene and unethical, 1926–32
    Sandra McAvoy
  • 3. Some sources for the study of infant and maternal mortality in later seventeenth-century Ireland
    Clodagh Tait
  • 4. ‘A time of trial being near at hand’: pregnancy, childbirth and parenting in the spiritual journal of Elizabeth Bennis, 1749–79
    Rosemary Raughter
  • 5. Birth and death in nineteenth-century Dublin’s lying-in hospitals
    Julia Anne Bergin
  • 6. Medicinal care in the eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century Irish home
    Emma O’Toole
  • 7. The chrysalis in the cradle
    Elaine Murray
  • 8. ‘Found in a “dying” condition’: nurse-children in Ireland, 1872–1952
    Sarah-Anne Buckley
  • 9. In the family way and away from the family: examining the evidence for Irish unmarried mothers in Britain, 1920s–40s
    Jennifer Redmond
  • 10. Responding to infanticide in Ireland, 1680–1820
    James Kelly
  • 11. ‘A very immoral establishment’: the crime of infanticide and class status in Ireland, 1850–1900
    Elaine Farrell
  • 12. Beyond cradle and grave: Irish folklore about the spirits of unbaptized infants and the spirits of women who murdered babies
    Anne O’Connor
  • Index

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