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This well-established practitioner text provides an exhaustive treatment of electronic evidence. The revised outline for the fourth edition will continue to follow the tradition in English evidence text books by basing the text on the law of England and Wales, with appropriate citations of relevant case law and legislation from other jurisdictions.


  • Preface, Tables of Statues and Table of Cases
  • 1. The sources of digital evidence
    George R.S. Weir and Stephen Mason
  • 2. The characteristics of electronic evidence
    Burkhard Schafer and Stephen Mason
  • 3. The foundations of evidence in electronic form
    Stephen Mason and Daniel Seng
  • 4. Hearsay
    Chris Gallavin and Stephen Mason
  • 5. Software code as the witness
    Stephen Mason
  • 6. The presumption that computers are ‘reliable’
    Stephen Mason
  • 7. Authenticating electronic evidence
    Stephen Mason and Allison Stanfield
  • 8. Encrypted data
    Stephen Mason and Alisdair Gillespie
  • 9. Proof: the technical collection and examination of electronic evidence
    Stephen Mason, Andrew Sheldon and Hein Dries
  • 10. Competence of witnesses
    Stephen Mason
  • Appendices
  • Index

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Cover for  Electronic Evidence: Fourth Edition
Electronic Evidence: Fourth Edition
Stephen Mason, Daniel Seng
4 May 2017