The BICS Mycenaean Seminar 2016-17


Editors: Greg Woolf


This annual publication contains summaries of the Mycenaean Seminar convened by the Institute of Classical Studies. The seminar series has been running since the 1950s, when it focused largely on the exciting new research enabled by the decipherment of Linear B. The series has now evolved to cover Aegean Prehistory in general, and is well known among subject specialists throughout the world. Taken together, the summaries provide a rich resource for Aegean Prehistory, and often provide the only citable instance of new research projects, until their fuller publication becomes possible.

The summaries of the seminars have been published as part of BICS since 1963. Starting with the 2015–16 series, the Mycenaean summaries will be published separately online, retaining their original character and their close connection with BICS, and becoming far more widely available as Open Access publications via the Humanities Digital Library.


  • 1. Nuances of metal vessel usage in the Mycenaean political world
    Stephanie Aulsebrook
  • 2. The early Neopalatial palace of Knossos: development and domain
    Colin Macdonald
  • 3. The use and abuse of the Ahhiyawa texts
    Oliver Dickinson
  • 4. The origins of writing in the Aegean
    Silvia Ferrara
  • 5. Two oxen in the Bronze Age: traditional Mediterranean farming and the political economy of Mycenaean palaces
    Paul Halstead
  • 6. A mountain view of Neopalatial Crete: new evidence from the Ierapetra uplands
    Yiannis Papadatos
  • 7. Tiryns: from the rise of its palace to the Post-Palatial resurgence
    Joseph Maran


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December 20, 2017

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